Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child. -- Cicero

Marcus Garvey Homestead
32 Market Street
St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica,
West Indies


The members of Legacy Time Travellers are pleased to announce the addition of two new collaborators in the Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall: A Dialogue Among the Children of Abraham project. The first of these is the Cambridge Center for the Study of Religion and Public Policy, Prof. Omar Abdul-Malik, Director. Our most recent collaborating organization is Laboure College of Nursing and Allied Health, Boston. In partnership with college president Joseph McNabb, Laboure will provide a venue for classroom applications of our findings regarding bridging cultures through music, multidisciplinary education and spirituality.


Participants, Roundtable Discussion, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (23 April 2008). A point raised by Bill Spencer


Currently in production:

Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall: Contemporary Currents in Caribbean Spirituality.
Currently in production: Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall-The Politics of God: A Dialogue Among the Children of Abraham This is a documentary overview for classroom use of our recent academic conference and roundtable discussion on bridging cultures. It features insights into an emerging worldwide ecumenical network focusing on commonalities between Islam, Judaism and Christianity, the need for restorative justice and dialogue, and the future of faith and spirituality in a 21st century world of inconvenient truths.

Consortium Partners:

  • The Boston Theological Institute, Newton, MA
  • Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA
  • Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
  • Cambridge Center for the Study of Religion and Public Policy, Cambridge, MA
  • Laboure College of Nursing and Allied Health, Boston, MA

"Many Rivers To Cross" - The Odyssey Of The Morgan Heritage

Jamaican musical celebrity Denroy Morgan introduces us to a Jamaica few visitors ever experience - revealing a sprit of place through its hypnotic heartbeat music and resilient personalities, past and present. This family-focused, sixty-minute documentary consisting of interviews, stellar live and studio performances, and off-the-beaten path vignettes of hideaways, havens of pirates, smugglers, rebels, Arawak Indians, and Rasta vibes far removed from conventional Caribbean vacation packages. A unique spiritual sensibility has propelled the Morgan Heritage band to critical acclaim and popular success for these are musical ambassadors moving beyond the usual boundaries while bridging cultures, fostering intergenerational dialogue and strengthening family ties. "Many Rivers..." is a provocative glimpse of one Jamaican family's odyssey to stages worldwide, powered by the mysterious allure of what Bob Marley called "the natural mystic." [LEARN MORE]

"Legacy Time Traveller, Morgan Heritage For Real trailer on You Tube"